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Wooden Pebbles | Stacking Blocks | Green Walnut

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Kids are able to build, stack and balance with these pebbles in their imaginative world. These are open-ended toys so there is no right or wrong way of playing with them.

Dimensions: 2.5 cm thick, diameter ranges from 6 – 12 cm

Develop children's logical thinking ability.
Exercise cooperative skills and improve hands-on skills.
Enhance the ability to distinguish shapes and things.
Promote hand-eye coordination and stimulate sensory development.
Develop brain thinking and recognize different colours.
Portable lightweight, made of high-quality pine wood material, which is natural, safe, healthy, and non-toxic.
Best coffee table game for one person or the entire family!
Makes a great gift for birthdays, baby shower and Christmas.


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Wooden Pebbles | Stacking Blocks | Green Walnut

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