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Large Wooden Marble Sound Rainbow Tree Run - Assembly

Kids love playing with Green Walnut’s fun interactive musical game of wood marbles. The wood marbles roll down the tower and thereby produce pleasant sounds.


1. The size of the leaves/petals descend from small to big

2. While placing the leaf/petal the corner is slanted downward while placing them in their slit. 

3. Once all the leaves/petals are placed, do a trial run with the provided ball and see if it's making the rhythm properly

4. Once you are satisfied with your placement, you can attach the leaves/petals with a drop of wood glue.

5. If a leaf should fall off, it also can be easily reattached with a drop of wood glue.

6. Individual leaves may come loose during transit which is unfortunately out of our control.


Please see the assembly video for more directions;

For children 3 & up. Small balls pose a possible choking hazard and are not intended for children who still mouth their toys. Adult supervision is required.


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