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Kids Wooden Knife & Cutting Board | Safe Knife For Children | Wooden Cutter For Children ( Knife + Cutting Board)

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Greenwalnut’s safe wooden knife for kids is made from beech wood . Comes in set with cutting board or separately. This cutter is a totally safe, functional, and child-friendly tool to help the little one in your life learn about food preparation and help out in the kitchen.
The blade is sharp enough for chopping fruit, vegetables, cheese, bread and other kitchen basics, but will not cut into skin.
Your little kitchen helper will be able to take part in meal preparation starting at two years of age with your supervision.

This is a child-friendly safe wooden knife that can be used for educational purposes with you toddler.
It's easy to use and it can't cut the skin. Your little chef can learn while being safe. It cuts through fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread and much more.

* APPLICATION RANGE: Kids knife can cut wide variety of fruits and vegetable such as strawberries, apples, tomato, zucchini, cucumber, lettuce etc. as well as cheese, bread, dough and much more , It has its own Mini Board .
* NATURAL & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: It is made of eco-friendly and natural single piece of beech wood and does not contain any toxic chemicals, colours or dies that can be harmful for your children
* SAFETY: Specially designed to be safe for toddlers and young children. Whole body has polished rounded corners and no sharp cutting edges
* GREAT GIFT IDEA: Ideal for children age 2+
* ENHANCE CREATIVITY AND INDEPENDENCE: This kids safe chopper promotes learning and imagination while safely participating in meal preparation


WOODEN CUTTER : 4.5 X 3.6 X 0.5 INCH




Do NOT wash the wooden knife in the dishwasher
Do not leave to soak in water
Dry immediately


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Kids Wooden Knife & Cutting Board | Safe Knife For Children | Wooden Cutter For Children ( Knife + Cutting Board)

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