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Wooden High Chair For Babies And Toddlers | Includes ( Seat Cushion ,Tray & 5 Point Belt )

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Greenwalnut wooden high chair is a type of child seat designed to elevate an infant or toddler to a comfortable and safe height during mealtime. These chairs are typically made from high quality wood, providing a sturdy and durable construction that complements the aesthetics of many home interiors. Let's break down the components of a Greenwalnut's wooden high chair, including the tray and seat belts:

  1. Frame and Structure:

    • The main frame of the high chair is typically made of high quality solid wood, ensuring stability and strength. it has  a combination of wood and metal for added support.
    • The chair is elevated on legs, providing a secure base to prevent tipping.
  2. Seat & Cushion:

    • The Cushion is designed to accommodate a small child comfortably. It is made up of high quality fabric and cushion which  features a contoured design to provide comfort ,  support and prevent the child from slipping or sliding.
    • The Wooden seat is painted white for a more decorative look.
  3. Tray:

    • The tray is an essential component that attaches to the front of the high chair. It provides a surface for the child to eat or play on.
    • Wooden high chairs have a detachable tray for easy cleaning.
  4. Seat Belts:

    • Safety is a top priority in high chair design, and most wooden high chairs come with seat belts to secure the child in place.
    •  5-point harness system is used. A 5-point harness adds shoulder straps for additional security.
    • The straps are  adjustable to accommodate the child's size and ensure a snug fit.
  5. Adjustability:

    • Greenwalnut's wooden high chairs are designed to be adjustable to grow with the child. This includes adjustable seat heights and adjustable foot rest  for added comfort during different stages of a child's development.
  6. Cleaning and Maintenance:

    • Greenwalnut Wooden high chairs are designed to be easy to clean. The seat and tray are often removable for convenient washing.
    • The finish of the wood is usually smooth and sealed to resist stains, making it simple to wipe down after messy meals.
  7. Dimensions x Weight Limit : 23x18x31 Inches  - Weight Limit 50 KGS 
  8. Colour : White & Natural 

What is Included : 

1. High Chair ( Including All the Assembly Parts & Instructions)

2. Wooden Tray & Removable Tray ( For Easy Cleaning )

3. Cushion 

4. 5 Point Safety Straps 

When using a wooden high chair, it's essential to follow the Greenwalnut's guidelines for assembly, maintenance, and weight limits to ensure the safety of the child. Regularly inspecting the chair for any signs of wear or damage is also crucial to keep it in optimal condition.


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Wooden High Chair For Babies And Toddlers | Includes ( Seat Cushion ,Tray & 5 Point Belt )

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